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The electroacoustic bulbul tarang.

I finished it. It took a few weeks, required a few redesigns, and it can probably stand for a few tweaks yet, but it’s up and running and sounds pretty decent. It was an interesting project for me.  I am not known for my woodworking skills, and while I managed to hide most of my mistakes on this thing there
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Advance Apologies

I am apologizing in advance to Wendy, the cats, and my neighbors. I just ordered a dhol.

Tarang Tarang Tarang

Well. This is turning out to be slightly more difficult than I anticipated. first, I’ve discovered that the bulbul tarang I’ve purchased is not, as I hoped, just a big empty box.  It has a few hidden pieces of chunky structural lumber in it.  This became a problem when trying to install an ouptut jack.  I have a few extra
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