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Dilruba Hacking


One of the nice features of buying cheap, non-“virtuoso” style Indian musical instruments (or any musical instruments, for that matter, but Indian instruments seem to have the biggest low-budget marketshare) is that I don’t feel too terrible “hacking” them.  Yeah, it’d suck if I screwed up my new dilruba, but I paid about $200 for it so it’s not the
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It’s Big, It’s Heavy, It’s Wood

I decided recently that I needed a new studio desk. My previous desk was, in fact, designed for studio use, but it was also designed in the days of large CRT’s, not wide flat-panel screens, and it wasn’t really prepared to handle both a controller keyboard and a computer keyboard. I purposely had to by a smaller keyboard controller than
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Fix It In The Mix

As both a guy who makes music and a guy who masters other people’s I’ve encountered the tendency – sometimes even in myself – to write off some mix errors as just “stuff that can be fixed in mastering.” While maybe it’s true that the mastering engineer *can* indeed fix these things, the smartest policy is to fix these things
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