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Audio Misogyny

sE Electronics, a maker of some often nice audio products, recently put an ad in Sound On Sound magazine for their new low-end condenser mic, the “Magneto.” Nothing too unusual about that. What was unusual was that the ad featured the torso of a nude woman, with the text of SOS’s previous review supposedly tattooed upon her skin. The message
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Gearfest 2014


Dan and I have this down to a science, I think.  As a result, Gearfest is a lot more relaxed each year compared to previous; we have a groove of knowing when to go demo gear and collect vendor swag, knowing which presentations and panels are going to be useful, knowing who’s got the deals. This year went smooooth.  The
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Technical Stuff: The Plugins of Perihelion

Inspired, roughly, by my friend Tom Shear’s “My Favorite Things” posts over at his excellent blog Waveformless,  I’ve decided to give a rundown of a few interesting pieces of software that went into the making of Perihelion.  Perhaps at some point I’ll delve into the hardware side of things, but honestly that’s probably less interesting because, aside from some new
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