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Gearfest 2015

Another year, another trip to Sweetwater’s GearFest in the sweltering Indiana sun.  This year I guess they had nearly as many attendees as Summer NAMM, which is fairly impressive.  Especially considering the frequent and unpredictable massive downpours that would occasionally shutter the gear tents and send attendees running for shelter. My agenda this year was a lot less educational and
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Vignette, With Etherwave

I was at the grocery store this past weekend, wandering around the bulk aisle wearing my battered, vividly green “Keep your hands off my Theremin” tshirt, which I had snagged as swag from Moog at gearfest a few years back. As I was trying to figure in my head out how many walnuts I could get for $5, I heard
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A Poem For Me

  i don’t know why posting something with an inflammatory title to a million twitter followers would look like a calculated plea for attention. i don’t know why italics make random lines look like a poem, but they do. i don’t know how many Vietnamese soft rolls to order, but i can make the hell out of some glass noodles with a
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