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On Supper Clubs


When you live in the upper Midwest, you quickly become steeped in the culinary tradition that is the Supper Club. They’re peculiar places, usually on the outskirts of town or in rural areas, in somewhat unassuming and rather dated buildings, often near travelers motels advertising “free color TV.”

You may order the Fish Fry. You may order the Prime Rib.

You must understand what you’re getting into.

Smoked Pork Jowl Rillette

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to take a long, sobering look at his freezer and say “what am I going to do with that hog jowl I bought?”

This is especially relevant if you’re the kind of guy that buys a smoked hog jowl on a whim. Which I am. So I was forced to ask myself this question.

Tandoori Whatnow?

Originally published at The Null Device Blog. You can comment here or there. Over the weekend, I built a tandoor. In retrospect, I probably overengineered it.  It’s a heavy, rolling clay oven that I likely could’ve accomplished almost as well with a Weber kettle and a little cleverness.  But still, having a nice, big, bespoke “oven” for making kebobs and
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