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You Decide Why Your Band Sucks

Your album is brilliant! And yet it’s so overlooked! All people want is pabulum like what’s on the radio! I got news for ya, pal. The crap on the radio? It may be crap, but it’s extremely well-crafted crap. Armies of producers, engineers and in some cases songwriters worked nonstop to make sure that that awful Ke$ha song gets firmly
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Code Monkey Make Blog Post

Internet Geek-rocker Jonathan Coulton (hereafter often referred to as “JoCo” because apparently neither he, his die-hard fans, nor I really enjoy repeatedly typing “Jonathan Coulton”) was recently interviewed by NPR’s “Planet Money” podcast/radio show, and he blogged about it. First, he kinda seemed a little hurt that they comapred him to a “snuggie” – you know, one of those blankets
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Right Place, Right Time

It’s the ugly truth. Pundits tap dance around it. There are hundreds of music blogs that tell you all the Important Things You Need To Do To Make It Big, but they all noticably ignore one big thing. Luck. Obviously, nobody wants to talk about it, because frankly it’s depressing as hell. But 99% of success in the music world
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