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On Volunteerism, Bad Timing, And Being Professional-ish.

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Regardless of what Amanda Palmer was actually trying to do, the perception that immediately came up was “screw the pros.” And damage control is always harder than getting it right the first time.

Vertical Integration for Musicians

A Pile of Unsold CDs

In every discussion of the “new paradigm” for music distribution, at least one person always suggests “buy direct from the artist” and cut out the middlemen (oft referred to as “parasites” or “evil” or some other generalization). You know?  This would be awesome.  I would love to be able to self-sustain through direct-sales.  Certainly, when I do make direct sales,
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“Just Play Live” Is Not A Sustainable Business Model


David Lowery’s blog post “Meet The New Boss” recently hit Slashdot, and as these things often do, generated a lot of commentary.  Most of which was pretty uninformed and baseless, unfortunately (but unsurprisingly). Surprising to me, however,  were the bulk of comments that stated, simply “just make all your money playing live instead.” Now, I’m a big fan of playing
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