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Audio Misogyny

sE Electronics, a maker of some often nice audio products, recently put an ad in Sound On Sound magazine for their new low-end condenser mic, the “Magneto.” Nothing too unusual about that. What was unusual was that the ad featured the torso of a nude woman, with the text of SOS’s previous review supposedly tattooed upon her skin. The message
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The Musical Middle Class, and the False Dichotomy of Musician/Everyone Else


There aren’t just “band guys” and “everyone else”, there are a lot of us who fall into both categories. We’re a musical “middle class”, and we’re under-represented in discussions on the future of the industry.

Kickstarter Fatigue

Crowdsourcing for artists is steadily gaining traction. The infamous Ms. Palmer (of whom I have Opinions) had her big TED talk about it, that seemed to wow all the silicon valley types that attend those (and come as zero surprise to most artists, who’ve been couchsurfing, borrowing, and fan-funding stuff for eons). I admit, it’s pretty super-cool as a concept.
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