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Dr. Who Never Actually Kills Hitler.

Here thar be spoilers, for the second-half-season-premiere of Dr. Who, “Let’s Kill Hitler.” If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read this. Of course, if you don’t know what’s happened yet, and you’re a Dr. Who fan…get on that.

It’s a Moffat-penned episode, so you know the dialogue is going to be snappy. Brilliant. What wasn’t so brilliant was the manner in which much of the plot gets resolved.

I Want to Be Bear McCreary When I Grow Up

This was just My Oscars

Usually I get really bored by the 14 hours of musical montages and numbers durin an oscar telecast, but this year, I was actually pretty chuffed. Okay, the “Musicals are back!” number seemed gratuitous, but…the best song nominees? A.R. Rahman, Peter Gabriel and A.R.Rahman (again?). That was soooo coool. I mean, yeah, they had John legend instead of Peter G,
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