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Thoughts on “Delta Machine”

Delta Machine

It’s no secret that I’m a longtime depeche Mode fan. I’ve seen them in concert many times, I went to the midnight release parties, I’ve fronted depeche mode cover bands, I’ve designed dM-inspired fonts. I’ve pretty much stuck with them through thick and thin for, well, all of  of my adult life, and a good portion of my youth. That
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The 2012 Nully Awards – An absurdly-specific roundup of music released during the year

Eric O’s Good, sort-of-bad, and ugly roundup of the music of 2012. Incomplete, opinionated, possibly ill-reasoned, it still killed a whole afternoon and therefore is probably a good thing.

Revisiting the Classics – “Pretty Hate Machine” (1989)

In 1990, a 17-year-old me went with some friends to an all-ages dance club, and amongst the predictable dance tracks were layered a few tracks from this up-and-coming kid from Cleveland whose debut had dropped the previous fall. The DJ was really flogging the tracks too. I wasn’t sure what to make of all of it.I wasn’t well schooled in
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