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Routine, and Anecdotes

We’re pretty much into a groove now.  Get up, drive, load, play, load out, drive, sleep, etc. It’s getting surprisingly easy. Dan made the comment, though, that the tour lifestyle quickly recalibrates your concept of traveling luxury.  Jim Semonik offered me a glass of water with ice and I thought it was the best thing ever. I have to say,
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Still on the Road

Reliable wifi access has been a bit spotty for the past few days, hence the lack of regular substantial updates. And right now, sleepiness is taking care of the rest.  I just wrote “henche” by accident – typing a full blog entry would take hours at this rate. So for now, just going to say that the past few shows
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If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Columbus

I’m currently in the “backstage” area at The Shrunken Head in Columbus Ohio.  Nice bar.  Tasty schnitzel.  I ate some massive slab of breaded cutlet smothered in onions and bacon earlier.  It was good.  I’m full. It’s been a long day.  Yesterday was a long day.  We rolled out of the Chicagoland area at a reasonable time, and caught up
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