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Profit and Loss

Our short tour made a profit of $16.81.  Possibly more, if you count merch, but merch is so inextricably caught up with production costs for those CDs and tshirts that we didn’t bring along to sell, fees to the label, mailorder costs, etc that I’m not even going to bother.  If there’s a profit from the merch, it’s also small.
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The People

I know this tour was pretty short, compared to some of the long worldwide hauls many bands go on.  Our tour-mates, TDC had two more dates and another few thousand miles to go when we headed back for the homeland. Still, for me, this was a pretty Big Deal.  It’s the culmination of years of work, numerous hours of self-doubt,
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The Numbers

Interesting and useful statistics from the 2010 Fading Belief tour: 9 days 9 shows 2700 miles 7 states $16.31 in PURE PROFIT The 3 best band members I could ask for The 4 best band members in another band I could ask to be travelling with 5 homes opened to us for post-show flopping 1 hotel room that smelled vaguely
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