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Recursions, In Detail.

Recursions is sort of a mishmash of various sources, written over various times, remixed by various people.  It’s astonishing to me that it holds together as well as it does, given the disparity of sources.  Al the tracks are, in one way or another, storied. We had a few goals for this release; we wanted remixes that were not of
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Codes, Licenses, and Little Black Lines

In the past week I’ve crash-coursed in the mechanics of putting out a CD with all the appropriate “stuff” attached. It’s danged easy to put out a CD – got a CD burner and a few blanks and you’re set. To put a CD out that you can sell widely?  That’s trickier. First off, there was licensing.  “Recursions” contains a
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I Stumbled Across an EP

Looking over some stuff the other day, it turns out we’re a lot closer to having a new release than I thought. So, here’s what we’ve got on tap, in no particular order, for the next “EP” (although it’s less of EP than a …well, whatever), tentatively titled “Recursions”: Travelogue (2008 version) Triangular (Null Device’s Panjabi Lowrider mix) Footfalls (2008
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