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Chocolate, Bacon and…well, does there need to be a third thing?

I was channel-surfing the other night and stumbled on some food show discussing a bacon-chocolate ice cream sandwich.

It sounded tasty.  But it also sounded like it was a bit…much.  I thought I might be able to improve the recipe a bit.  I decided to do a tasting spoon with the elements, to keep it manageable and not have me feeling like a bloated sea lion at the end of the day.

First, I needed a bacon delivery format.  Crumbled bacon?  Bacon jam?  BACON JAM.

A quick scouring of the internet revealed a whooooole bunch of bacon jam and marmalade recipes.  But they all had onion and garlic in them.  While maybe a slow-cooked caramelized onion might not be too bad, I thought the sulfur of an allium might not work with the chocolate.  So I adapted a few recipes, (primarily the one from the “Better Bacon” cookbook) to come up with:

Cookie, slathered with bacon jam.

Cookie, slathered with bacon jam.

1.5lbs of bacon, minced, cooked, and drained.
1/4c maple syrup
1/2c brown sugar
1/4c coffee
1/2c cider vinegar

Brought to a boil, then simmered until a sticky mess.  Let cool.






Finished, minus garnish.

Finished, minus garnish.

So the assembly:

Tasting spoon.

Add a small chunk of cookie.

Spread on a dollop of the bacon jam, enough to cover the cookie.

Add a single spoonful of the ice cream.  Garnish with a tiny sprinkle of smoked salt.


What would I change?  Perhaps I’d use a less assertive cookie than the fudge grahams I used, but…well, I was short on options, and wasn’t about to make chocolate tuilles (although those would be magnificent). And aside from the smoked salt, I wasn’t sure what to garnish it with.  It needs a garnish. Maybe a single chip of crispy bacon?  Shaved chocolate?  Dunno.  Will have to think about it some more.







(also probably heart failure and fatty liver disease, but, ya know, sacrifices must be made)