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Greens, Thanks to Fuchsia

Since CSA season starts every year, I’m quickly beset with the issue of “what on earth am I going to do with all this kale?”  For some reason, the CSA boxes often come full of kale.  Sometimes chard.  Sometimes collards.  Mostly kale.

Collards, I got down.  If I’m not doing southern style, a good ethiopian gomen – stewed and sauteeed with garlic, ginger and spiced butter – is fabulous.

Kale, though?  I’d expect it to work like collards but for some reason they don’t.    So I’ve tried all sorts of things.  Kale chips.  Kale gratin.  Kale salad.  Greek-style greens with lemon.  I quickly became bored with these preparations.

Then, thanks to the divine Fuchsia Dunlop’s blog I found a recipe for Sichuan twice-cooked greens.


I had to improvise a little – I was missing a few of the ingredients, like the black beans (I know!  I know!  When don’t I have black beans around?) and my cilantro had gone funny so I couldn’t use it, but overall, the recipe worked.  Stewed kale greens with a nice spicy fermented chili bean paste, ginger, and garlic.

Definitely something I’m not going to get tired of quickly.