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It’s here.

The ULN-2 arrive earlier today.

I was, of course, sitting at my laptop constantly refreshing the UPS package tracking page, unwilling to take a shower or turn on the TV for fear that the UPS man would arrive, I wouldn’t hear him or be able to get to him and he’d leave without delivering.

That didn’t happen.

Granted, I was out shopping when he did arrive, but I had Wendy on point for it so we had it covered.

It’s racked, configured, drivered and set up.

And OH MY GOD is it beautiful.  I never though the output of my 828 was muddy or anything – until now.

The mic pres are a thing to behold too.  I did some dry recording with them and got a very nice, round, full sound out of my Rode.  It’s even a nicer sound than on my dbx channel strip, which has a tube in it.

The new DSP “character” assignments are really sweet, too.  Subtle (except for the “softsat” one) for the most part, but they do impart a noticable difference in timbre to the recording.  And since it can be put on any channel, I can do things like run the mic through a “Classic British Tube Preamp” while bussing most of my output through a “American Solid State.”

This is some seriously awesome stuff.