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Liveblogging Reverence (kinda)

(Dan tried this a few years ago – at the first Reverence, actually – on the ND Blog and I thought it was clever. So I’m appropriating the style.)

Fanale’s giving us an intro. I’d better rub his head for luck. Ew, sweaty.

Shit it’s hot already. We haven’t even started.

Cue backing.

Ooh, I see Sega. “Gimme a chaal beat!!!” entirely for his and Ned’s benefit. Oh good, he’s smiling.

WOOOOOO this is fun! WOOO! Loud! Jumpingaorund and…oh, shit I have to sing! breathe, breathe, breathe…

Rock tha panjabi.

Hmm. Can’t really hear myself in the monitors. Oh well. Just yell for a little bit.

Motion to Adam to raise monitor levels. See him twiddling knobs. I think my voice just got louder in Chuck and Elizabeth’s monitor. Hmm, I think something got rewired wrong. Oh well, be a pro man, just roll with it.

One song down! Goddamn is it hot. I’m sweating like Dan. No, wait, Dan is sweating a lot more than I am.

Strap on the dumbek. Damn, this thing is girly. Well, it IS elizabeth’s…strap’s a bit too tight…can’t find the buckle…aw hell screw it, go!

Whack whack wheee this is fun now I know why elizabeth always looks so blissed out when she’s playing, this is kinda awesome.

Hmm, I might be hitting this too hard. My hands are starting to hurt.

Ahh the kids seemed to like that one.

Did I just say “holy balls” to a full crowd? Seriously WTF? Aaaand people are clamoring for pantsless Dan.

Everyone’s groovin to Wonderland. Excellent. Hey, Chuck is grooving to Wonderland! And if Emmalee’s theory is correct…

Easy on the vocal pyrotechnics there champ, you’ve got a head cold, you can’t hear your monitors, and your voice is already starting to go. Nothing worse than a bad vocalist who thinks he can sing.

Ahh hourglass, this one’s kinda easy for me.

Start singing to Aimee…and fakeout! Sing to William! Aww I don’t think he noticed. I’m neither sweaty nor russian enough.

Hey, Fanale’s got his eyes closed! Sweet. Grab his big meaty head and serenade him. Hee hee he’s playing along, of course. Aww yeah, that’s what this festival is all about. Feel the love.

Holy shit it’s hot. I can barely hold on to the fiddle, my hands are so sweaty.

Heh, Dan just shushed a crowd.

I’m shredding on the fiddle, I think. I can’t actually hear it, so I don’t know if I’m even remotely in tune. My hands are just sliding all over the goddamned fingerboard. Now I understand why people play fretted instruments.

fuck, I can’t stay in tune. Just saw on low C and hope nobody notices. Let Dan do his thing, this is His Song.

Whoa, the crowd is really digging this one.

Okay, is this one going to end? I coulda sworn it was shorter in practice.

There we go. Wheew. I’m about to drop the violin.

Big shoutout for Dan. Crowd goes nuts. Aww yeah, well he deserves it after that one.
Announce his last show. Don’t get too choked up. Aww shit I completley forgot the poignant remarks I was going to make. I hope that rambling came off as sincere and not douchebaggy. Jeez it looks like Amy K is about to cry.

“Return” seems a bit anticlimactic. Oh well, I need a break.

I…shit…what are the lyrics for the second verse? Dunno, make something up.

Prog rock wankout ending! Hmm, I had something rehearsed for this…oh well, just turn knobs. Sounds kinda cool.

Okay, that’s done.

Annouce reverence special thing. Where’s Brian? I don’t see him. Shit! Oh there he is. He’s having some toruble pushing through the crowd. Make obligatory cowbell joke to stall for time.

Hmm. Sometimes Brian drinks.

Kick in the backing track…nobody knows what this is yet. I thought the little intro thing would be enough.

Did I miss my cue?

First verse…and oh holy shit now they recognize it.

Ah, yeah, I missed my cue. Just rest until the second verse. Brian looks confused.

Shove mic in his face. SCIENCE! Oh hells yes the crowd loves the DarkNES. Oh man this is fun.

“Good heavens Miss Lunde”…hee awwwwwwww Brian’s such a sweetie.

Can I do the Dolby histrionic voice on the breakdown? Hey, howbout that I can! Hee!


Awesome. I have no idea if that sounded even remotely good but I don’t care that was the most fun I’ve had at a show ever.

Okay I’m going to fall over. Time to go change into my “Stromkern Stole My Guitarist” shirt!