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Black Sun Wrapup

Holy crap was that fun.

I mean, doggs, seriously, FUN.

It was really, really awesome to meet so many people who were all so friendly, really welcoming, and not at all attitudinous. It was really excellent to finally meet Mr. [info]elektrovst and our lovely stage manager [info]kanine, and to see Andrew Sega again, and hang with Los Gotosicles y El Senor Castico, actually getting to work live with the inestimable Doctor Goedken, have dinner with [info]gleipnir23…man it was just SO AWESOME.

And of course, my bandmates are just great people. lI actually enjoyed being stuck in a car with them for 18 hours. Yeah, of course there are times when we just all wanted to sit quietly, sleep, or whatever, but, hell, we still just had a lot of fun. I got some great pictures of skeleton-candy swordfights, elizabeth adjusting the radio (which from my angle looked really lascivious), Dan cocooned in the hole in the back with a big grin on his face, incredible scenery on the way…

Our show was a bit plagued by sound issues. The club had a small stage, a rental board, and weird acoustics. We ditched the vocal processor since it tends to introduce potential feedback problems. Still, we played our hearts out, and managed to do pretty damned well considering we couldn’t hear ourselves most of the time. The crowd was about 75 people, maybe, which may not seem like much, but they were one of the most energetic groups of people we’ve ever played for…dancing, hooting and hollering, all that good stuff. We got a lot of positive feedback, moved some merch, chatted with a bunch of people, had full video support thanks to the tireless efforts of Eric G, and of course I cannot underestimate the efforts of Ms. Renee, our miracle-working stage manager, who managed to keep us pretty close to on time, wrangle bands, help us get things set up, and get things going for a full fashion show and dance performance afterwards. Pretty awesome.

As Mr. Interface rightly pointed out, a significant portion of my trip report will deal with what/where I ate on this trip. We mostly hit little diners, including the PA “Eat-n-Park” chain. Nothing fancy, but reliable. On sunday night, we ate at Kudeta in New Haven, a schmancy neo-pan-asian-fusion place with changy colored lights, giant stones in the middle of the room, and a lucite obelisk filled with elaborately lit butterflies. We had various things – I had a chef’s sushi platter which was pretty tasty and the fish was fresh. Wendy’s tangerine beef was outstanding. Everything else looked pretty tasty, including the garlic eggplant, dried stirfried beef, indonesian soups, salads, etc. Mmmm.

Sadly, because of our hectic schedule, I didn’t get to see many bands. I caught some of Combichrist on Saturday, and JennVix on sunday (she was on before us). I heard that Caustic just brought the crazy, though, which is awesome.

In our brief downtime on sunday after soundcheck and before go-time, there was some time spent wandering New Haven. Nice city – the yale campus is beautiful. I’ve got a bunch of pictures.

Drive back started at 4am…brutally early, and powered entirely by coffee and dunkin’ donuts. Dan did the first leg, I did the second, and then Elizabeth took over at the Ohio border and refusted to relinquish the steering wheel until Chicago. I got some hilarious pictures, and then there was this incident outside of chicago where I started to fill up the car but didn’t, then left the gas cap off, and we didn’t notice until Racine…

Oh man I am still tired.